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Books - Louisiana "real estate"
Tabasco - Statues and Cypress Knees

Children's BooksChildren's Cajun Books

Large assortment of children's Cajun books from Cajun Night Before Christmas to Cajun Nursery Rhymes and childrens' favorites, such as Petite Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood), Jolie Blonde and Three Heberts (Goldilocks and the Three Bears.)


Specialty books for Gumbos & Soups, Sweets, Cajun Cuisine and a collection by John Folse are also offered in our Cookbook selection. Our most popular cookbooks are "Cane River Cuisine" and "Louisiana Living" are published by the Service League of Natchitoches, Inc. Other regional cookbooks available.

We also carry an assortment of kitchen accoutrements such as aprons, jellies, spoon rests, hot mitts and crawfish paddles.

Dirt Shirt Wear a piece of Louisiana Real Estate!

Hand dyed with real Louisiana dirt...because when you're wearing a Louisiana dirt shirt, you're wearing a little bit of Louisiana.


We carry a wide assortment of Tabasco

Hand carved wooden Pelican and silk Magnolia flowerOfficial State Symbols

Brown Pelican, Magnolia, Crawfish and Alligator, are represented in our selection of gifts and souvenirs. View more of Louisiana's State Symbols.

Cypress Knee SantasHandpainted Cypress Knees

Each of these handpainted Cypress Knees is unique and special, as no two is shaped alike. The artist, Elaine Bernard, supplies this information:

"Bald Cypress is the Louisiana state tree, growing along bayous, rivers and in swampy areas. The knee is formed by an upward bend of growth along the root structure giving the name of 'knee' and forming oddly different sizes and shapes. The knee serves no useful purpose to the tree and science has found no rhyme or reason for the growth.

The Cypress is the only tree known for this peculiarity. Cypress knees are considered aesthetically beautiful by many and an uncontrollable nuisance by others. After cutting, growth resumes inmmediately. The art created on cypress knees is truly unique-one of a kind."

Nicolas Augustin Metoyer StatueNicolas Augustin Metoyer

born January 22, 1768
died December 19, 1856
Isle Brevelle
Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana

Cane River Creole community members name Marie Thèrése "Coin Coin," an African slave later manumitted by the St. Denis family, as their progenitor. Marie Thèrése formed a long term relationship with Claude Pierre Metoyer, a French colonist, and she and their sons became important colonial plantation owners. Marie Thèrése maintained an indigo plantation on her Spanish land grant. Her eldest son, Nicolas Augustin Metoyer, contributed the land on which St. Augustine Catholic Church stands today. He and his brother, Louis Metoyer, who built Melrose Plantation, provided the funds for St. Augustine, the first Catholic church in America founded, independently financed, and built by people of color.

-Thanks to Dr. Dayna Lee for the biography